Municipal Library of Andritsena


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Andritsaina is the cultural corner of the Peloponnese, boasting an exceptional library, with old books and manuscripts of the Franks, Venetian and Chieftains of 1821. The library was a donation by Agathofrona Nikolopoulos, a son of the town. Its corridors are decorated with copies of pediments of Alkamene’s “Epicurean Apollo” namely the famous “Amazon battle” and “Battle of Centaurs”. Valuable books waited patiently in 47 crates for some 35 years at the chapel of St Barbara, until in 1875, the National bank of Greece constructed the building that today houses the town’s students, but also provided the shelter this cultural treasure deserved. The collection has been moved and currently it is preserved at a newer adjacent two-storey edifice, the library of Andritsaina. Its donor, Nikolopoulos, suffered hunger, hardships and deprivations in Paris, where he lived and worked as a librarian at the Institute of France, in order to collect these 3696 very rare titles..

In the library’s second chamber, other significant patriots and patrons of the letters, the heirs to E. Kallaniotis, donated 3600 volumes of his exquisite private collection. The restored mansion of Kanellopoulos, an example of 18th century architecture, houses the Folklore Museum, with original furniture of the period, authentic clothing, personal items of the benefactors, a plethora of private documents and photographs. The Museum, of unique architectural inspiration and aesthetics, is a true reconstruction of an upper middle-class mansion and each of its three floors displays a complete theme, while more than 4000 valuable exhibits take the lucky visitor back in history to the period from 1832-1932. 


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