Amaliada is the largest in area (256,988 ha) of Ilia municipality and the second most populous 18,261 residents. It was named by Queen Amalia, which visited the city in 1856, during a tour of King Otto.

 Historically, the region appears in Byzantine times, when creating a settlement of the church of Panagia Platyteras, later named FRAGAVILLA. In the Byzantine period, a settlement Kalitsa and on the Ottoman Dervis - Tselepi chairs Turkish commander. Headquartered in Derbe - Tselepi, created after the release of the municipality meanders, which takes its name from the mythical meanders, purpura processing center of the Phoenicians, who were at the mouth of the river Elissaiou.

The fertile valley was an attraction populations from mountainous areas of Kalavryton, Gortynias and Vitinas, who settled in the region. After the mid-19th century, noted strong economic growth, which contributed to the connection of the city with the railway network of the Peloponnese in 1885. Luxury homes, hotels and shops are created, thus contributing to the further development of the city. The end of 19th century stamped with the outward migration.

Main source of wealth was the raisin production was replaced after 1960 with modern and efficient crops as irrigation project Penaeus an incentive for the replacement of traditional crops. Known in Greece and abroad watermelons and potatoes, olives, citrus and vegetables identify and form engagement of residents.

Amaliada is now a growing and modern city with intense cultural activity. In the development of the city and helped the functioning of colleges, Department of Informatics in Management and Finance from the year 2003.

In Amaliada one arrives by road or rail (and future air). From the city begin and end in this multiple paths, since its location makes it the crossroads between Central and Western Peloponnese, North and South respectively. It is 294chlm ​​drive. from Athens, 81km. of Patras, 20 km. the Tower, 42km. from Ancient Olympia, 140km. from Kalamata and 170km. from Tripoli. From the port of Kyllinis, located within 31km. from the city, you can travel to Zakynthos and Kefalonia daily.


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