Katakolon is a seaside town in western Ilia in the ancient Pheias. Is the current port of the prefecture's capital. Graphic intense traditional color combines mountain and sea. The visitor has many options to fill your free time or enjoy your vacation. Undoubtedly Katakolon is a place one needs plenty of time to explore the beauty and discover the magic of this place, it is no coincidence that whoever spends little time here, fefgontas all he has in mind is returning, justifiably Katakolon is the most popular summer destinations.

During the summer months flooded many visitors as other than those traditionally spend their holidays, hundreds of cruise ships make visits to our site carrying thousands of tourists who spend part of their vacation here. At the entrance of the harbor is dominated by old Raisin Warehouse restored that are now converted into cafes and restaurants giving a special color. Finally Katakolon is a wonderful destination for pleasant excursions in the winter, as the visitor will discover another side of the place even more magical!

Katakolon antiquity found in the ancient Pheias city located at the beach of St. Andrew. It was the second port of Elis after Killini. In Homeric times was a fortress near the river Iardano, while during the Peloponnesian War (second half of the 5th century BC) was a base of the Athenians to Fall Elis. The port was lost at sea during the earthquake of the 6th century AD, while the islets Pan and Crow are still visible from the bay of St. Andrew. They found shells of all time, from the Neolithic to the Roman period. The area was an important strategic role during the Byzantine and Medieval period, as the remnants of the ancient acropolis Villehardouin built the magnificent Pontikokastro. After liberation from the Turkish yoke center shifted in Katakolon is today so it got its current name. It was at that time one of the major ports of the country for the export of raisins, the main exportable product of Greece. Today the harbor still plays an important role but mostly tourist.


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