In the ruins of Ancient and Medieval Kyllinis Glarentzas, built modern Kyllini. The two main poles of the region is the port which connects the Peloponnese with Zakynthos and Kefalonia Chlemoutsi imposing castle that dominates throughout the lowland Ilia.

Great monuments and antiquities testify the rich history of the area was inhabited since ancient times and has been a bone of contention during the Frankish period.

Besides Chlemoutsi worth visiting the monastery of Vlachernas in a wooded valley within 2 miles from the village of Kato Panagia, where every year on 8 September a festival with great religious gathering of Christians from the surrounding areas. Northwest Glarentzas is Kafkalida isle, where there are ruins of the old church.

The main factors that determined the economy and life of the place were fishing, agriculture and animal husbandry. The catch is rich and delicious, as well as fruits and vegetables in many areas the crops start right next to the beach or the sea wave.

Alongside traditional occupations, the tourist exploitation of gorgeous beaches, hot springs, and the emergence of the monuments are now the drivers of economic growth in the region.

Historically, two factors that played a role in the development of the region was the settlement of the village of Kato Panagia refugees from Asia Minor and the creation of the settlement  Icarus Air Base Andravidas.


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