Scenic Landscapes

Lake of Kaiafa


Vast beaches with ammothines, natural lake, coastal forest of pines, thermal baths and caves are some of the elements that make up the landscape of the region of kaiafa. The eponymous Lake probably was formed in the 6th century from strong earthquakes that hit the region.

Nemouta waterfalls


Within the limits of the prefectures of Arcadia and Elis and located near the mountain Erimanthos with eight (8) waterfalls. Height 15m to 25m. The route starts from the village Nemouta, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia. 

The path has infinite beauty but remains untapped. It is a sheltering treasure! The waterfalls of Nemoutas and of Erimanthos are among the most beautiful trails in the prefecture of Ilia.


Zacharo beach


Wins every time the Blue flag as one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches of the European Union and attracts thousands of bathers every season. Main features of the sand, golden and dense, and the vastness of the organization as a tourist pavilion converted according to the hours of the day in the restaurant - bar and nightclub. And another restaurant where hospitals the tournament of beach Volley.

Levedochori Beach


The small and the large beach of Leventochori. Both although less known little to foreign visitors are characterized by dark coarse sand and rocks that surround it. The picturesque landscape of the region prompted dozens of Ilians and foreign tourists to buy land and build traditional houses with the sea goddess. The calm and quiet can not be disturbed.

Kyllini Beach


A beautiful beach can be combined with everything. Next to the harbor, but this does not affect it, offers the opportunity to take a bath together with a good coffee, a nice ice cream, a delicious meal with fish and not only in the dozens of shops in the area. The beach Kyllinis reminds coast tourist island despite beach of Elia. Bathers will find beach chairs, umbrellas, showers, canteen and other amenities, while feeling comfortable by the presence of a lifeguard.

Katakolo beach


 The beach behind the port of Katakolon in recent years was upgraded with a series of interventions made by the port authority and offers in addition to grafikotitas with artificial and natural rocks that surround it, an organized beach amenities.

Arkoudi Beach


The beach Arkoudi is located north of Chelwniti Bay and is 1.5 km. approximately from Kyllini baths. The bathing coast is the coastal portion of an open Bay, length 250 m. Τhe Beach occupies the whole of the Gulf and has an average width of 30 m and southern orientation. The coastal zone and marine sediments are composed of sand and rocks to the West. The coastal zone is partially modified, due to the existence of buildings on the edge of the coast.

Korakochori Beach (Bouka)


It is one of the most "live" yet "unspoiled" beaches on the west bank. The Bouka beach belongs to the Local Community Korakochori. The district has set up an entire village that is "alive" every summer from the villagers. The shops, though few, have everything while the blonde sands and blue waters are the ingredients for a special summer exit. Best hours to coast at Bouka is in the morning and in the afternoon.

Neda waterfalls


Neda is an area of  278 sq. km. km. It is the only Greek river with feminine name forms, an unspoilt natural landscape of unparalleled beauty in the southern part of the county. The name of Neda drives from the water nymphs and the nurse of Zeus. The river starts its journey from the northwestern part of the main sources of Messinia in the southern slopes of Mount Lykaion, and some on the northern slopes of Mount Tetrazio.

Forest of Foloi


The benchmark for the forest wealth of mountain Ilia and Greece in general, is the famous forest of Folois. It is unique not only in beauty but also in specificity across Europe this native forest, seedling form with broadleaf's huge oaks. 


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