Scenic Landscapes

Lagoon of Kotychi


To the northwest coast of the prefecture of Ilia is the lagoon Kotychi and the southwest coast is the lagoon of Caiaphas, wetlands and ecosystems of great environmental value with beautiful beaches and ammothines.

Kotychi is a shallow brackish lagoon, which lies between the capes and Kounoupeli of Kyllini. It is the largest lagoon that has left to the Peloponnese, crusting of the lagoon Agoulinitsa, covering an area ranging from 7,100 to 8,500 acres, depending on the season and rainfall.

Saint Ilia beach


In the boarders with the incredible hotel complex Olympian Village, lies the beautiful beach of St. Elias. "California Ilia" for many because the water is crystal clear, the sand golden and hot and usually due to the vastness of wavelet features. The beach of Agios Ilias is surrounded from Myrtle, Skafidia and beyond! 

Skafidia beach


It is located 14 miles northwest of Pyrgos. Many say that this is one of the most beautiful beaches of our country and those who visit it then reinforce this claim! The beach of Skafidia, which was named probably because of its shape, remains wild and has scenic beauty. The creek gathers hundreds of daily visitors to the area while there are cafe - restaurants which embraces the visitors and captures the willingness to hang in there!

Spiantza beach


Where  the limit of Katakolon stops the sand beach of Spiatzas continues with dozens of small, tourist villages such as Letrina, Agia Paraskevi and Spiaza. The feature of the area is deeper waters than the sand of Katakolon, soft and dense sand of the beach and the crowding. Along the beach you will find dozens of canteens, cafeterias filled midday, afternoon and evening! 

Leventochori Beach


The small and the great beach Leventochori. Both known to foreign visitors, it is characterized by dark sand and rocks that surround it. The picturesque landscape of the region prompted dozens of Elis and foreign tourists to buy land and build traditional style villas overlooking the sea. The peace and quiet is not tempted though!

Artificial Lake Penaeus River


Located on the Ancient Elis , 20km . approximately from the coast near the village Center

Saint Marina Beach


The beach Palouki - Agia Marina is located in the Bay of Cheloniti. The bathing beach is the coastal part of the larger open bay, length 24.5 km. Length of the beach is 2,420 m, average width of 20 m and a western orientation. The coastal zone and the seabed consists of sand. The coastal zone is partially modified, due to existence of problems in the northern end. In the limit of the coast there are trees and sea lilies. Marine biodiversity includes kelp and algae, which are attached to the rocky parts of the coast.

Palouki Beach


Palouki's beach is found in the 83rd km of National street Patras - Pirgos

Kourouta beach


Kourouta beach is an organized sandy beach located northwest of Katakolon, 30 klm's away from the port


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