Horse Riding Club of Kourouta


Kourouta - Amaliada
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The Horse- Riding Club of Kouroutas is operating since 2010.'s The love for horses and sports resulted in the creation of the Group, which is open all year. Within three years we managed to have in our workforce 30 horses of various breeds from around the world. In an area of ​​25 acres you have the opportunity to ride, to feed the horses and enjoy coffee and drinks overlooking the lush landscape and horses. For nature lovers, but also the more adventurous there is free riding, which is in the forest and ends at the beach Kouroutas. The aim is to make your favorite sport while n discover the beauties of our region.

The Jockey Club Kouroutas lies on the side of children with special needs. Horses work therapeutically for these individuals and so on visitors at our facilities are often children from the prefecture of Ilia and with the help of special teachers they come close to nature in this beautiful way.

As every summer and this year, at the Cavalry Group Kouroutas a concert will be held with renowned artists. In a specially designed space will be able to enjoy the program of your favorite singer.



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