Gastouni - Vartholomio

Arkoudi Beach


The beach Arkoudi is located north of Chelwniti Bay and is 1.5 km. approximately from Kyllini baths. The bathing coast is the coastal portion of an open Bay, length 250 m. Τhe Beach occupies the whole of the Gulf and has an average width of 30 m and southern orientation. The coastal zone and marine sediments are composed of sand and rocks to the West. The coastal zone is partially modified, due to the existence of buildings on the edge of the coast.

Panagia Cathedral Church

Monasteries - temples

The Byzantine Church of Panagia Katholiki at Gastouni is a two-columned inscribed cruciform church dating from the 12th century. It has a semi-hexagonal apse, dome with eight-sided drum and a narthex at the west side. The walls, with panels of reticulate tiling and double layers of tiles at the joins, are embellished with a plain ceramic decoration, especially dentil courses, and with embedded glazed bowls. The unique Frankish influence of the 14th century is seen in the pointed arch of the north doorway, now blocked.

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