Krestena- Andritsena

Municipal Library of Andritsena


Andritsaina is the cultural corner of the Peloponnese, boasting an exceptional library, with old books and manuscripts of the Franks, Venetian and Chieftains of 1821. The library was a donation by Agathofrona Nikolopoulos, a son of the town. Its corridors are decorated with copies of pediments of Alkamene’s “Epicurean Apollo” namely the famous “Amazon battle” and “Battle of Centaurs”.

Foclore Museum of Andritsena


The Folk Museum of Andritsaina was established by the Cultural Asociation of Women of Andritsaina in 1981. Some women from Andritsaina who wanted to show "the soul of their place" were driven by the hack value, the love for the place they live in, their anxiousness for saving heir cultural heritage and above all the team work joined their forces and established a Folk Museum at their home, Andritsaina.

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