Theater of Floka

Local monuments

The cultural scene of summer Greece acquired a new Theater with 3,700 seats like the ancient theater of Epidaurus, located in the sacred land of Olympia, theater of «Floka».

Nemouta waterfalls


Within the limits of the prefectures of Arcadia and Elis and located near the mountain Erimanthos with eight (8) waterfalls. Height 15m to 25m. The route starts from the village Nemouta, the Municipality of Ancient Olympia. 

The path has infinite beauty but remains untapped. It is a sheltering treasure! The waterfalls of Nemoutas and of Erimanthos are among the most beautiful trails in the prefecture of Ilia.


Forest of Foloi


The benchmark for the forest wealth of mountain Ilia and Greece in general, is the famous forest of Folois. It is unique not only in beauty but also in specificity across Europe this native forest, seedling form with broadleaf's huge oaks. 

Olympia Archaeological Site

Archaeological Areas

According to the World Heritage website, there is probably no ancient archaeological site anywhere in the world that has more relevance on today΄s world than Olympia. The stadium of Olympia, where the ancient Olympic Games were held, and the massive temple of Zeus, the largest temple in the Peloponnese, are some of the attractions of the site. The best way to get the most out of your visit is to actually race in the stadium like the athletes used to do and feel the vibes!

Old Museum


MUSEUM OF THE HISTORY OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES OF ANTIQUITY The exceedingly beatyful classical revival building that commands the little hill NW of the Sanctuary of Zeus

Museum of the Modern Olympic Games


This small museum off of the main street in Olympia city, hosts a bunch of artifacts from the modern Olympics, including the silk-lined box in which they transported Pierre

Archaeological Museum of Olympia


The Archaeological Museum of Olympia, one of the most important museums in Greece, presents the long history of the most celebrated sanctuary of antiquity, the sanctuary of Zeus, father of both gods and men, where the Olympic games were born.

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