Monastery of Kremasti

Monasteries - temples

Literally hovering near, on l arge rocks, between villages Lanthi, Arvaniti and at a distance of 15 km from the Tower lies the monastery of the Panagia, with views to the mountain Erymanthos and Foloi. The roof and walls of the temple are the great rock with pit, only the north side is open. It wa built in the year of1601. In the era of the Ottoman Empire was a safe haven for many thieves and rebels, while the secret school of the monastery brought together the Greek children of the region.

Archaiological Museum of Pyrgos (Agora)


Attracts countless visitors from Greece and abroad . It is one of the largest projects in modern history of the Tower , the most prestigious in ILEIAKI capital . The recent conversion of the building into Archaeological Museum and similar interventions in the wider surroundings are leading traffic to Greek and foreign tourists . Guests can admire an amazing architectural structure , an impressive exhibition space is a real jewel.

Eparcheion Hill


At the point where today the city is built, archaeologists locate the ancient city Dyspontion, while a quarter of the city was the ancient city of LETRINA. The city got its name from the large tower built on the hill of Eparcheion the Greek founder of the modern city, Tsernotas (1512-1520). This tower was in that place until June 1825, when residents of the city after the Sunday, blinded by civil strife, the demolished. The hill of Eparcheion today adorns the central square of Pyrgos with a small forest picnic and relaxation area and playground ready to host children.

Latsio Town Hall of Pyrgos

Local monuments

A neoclassical building, with imposing architecture and without something similar in Greece, which was created after a large donation of shipping magnate John Latsis and is the seat of the Mayor of Pyrgos, spiritual and cultural center.

Spiantza beach


Where  the limit of Katakolon stops the sand beach of Spiatzas continues with dozens of small, tourist villages such as Letrina, Agia Paraskevi and Spiaza. The feature of the area is deeper waters than the sand of Katakolon, soft and dense sand of the beach and the crowding. Along the beach you will find dozens of canteens, cafeterias filled midday, afternoon and evening! 

Feast of Saint Haralambos


Every year on 10 February, the city of Pyrgos celebrates the patron Saint Charalambos. In the sports facilities of Santa Barbara on one big trade fair which is flooded with crowds.

A few words about the wonders of the Saint ...

Central Square of Pyrgos


The city of Pyrgos honors Dionysios Karagiorga giving the name to the central square of the city, one of the major central squares in the country, in Saki Karagiorga Square. Dionysios Karagiorgas was born in 1930 in Pyrgos.He joined the Higher Industrial of Piraeus and later  the School of Economics and Business in Athens. His first contact with the public was initially as a Directorate of Ministry Program Coordination (1955 - 1956) and then in the Design Department of the Bank of Greece.

Brintzikis winery


Welcome to Brintziki Winery, a boutique winery with autonomous energy and modern equipment for the production of wine of the highest quality. The stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control and a year-around data recording system, the modern pneumatic batch pressers, the French oak wood barrels and the utilization of gravity for the transfer of wine and mash respect and emphasize the characteristics of the autochthonous grape varieties grown in our region since the dawn of time.

Municipal Theater "Apollon"

Local monuments

The Theater " Apollon " is located in the center of the tower a few meters from the central square. It was built around 1880 and was the center of intellectual activity in the city, which prospered economically until 1930 . The operation continued until 1960 , it is worth noting that the Ministry of Culture held the monument. In 1987 work began radical repair .

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