Spa of lake Kaiafa


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The waters of Caiaphas, Bathroom is ideal for skin conditions, asthma, rheumatism and liver diseases. Visitors to the Kaiafa enjoy their hydro treatments in a beautiful landscape, with pines and eucalyptuses and make a holiday of peace and relaxation away from the stress of the city. The thermal springs of kaiafa attract many visitors throughout the year and are a major source of tourism in the region.

Hydrotherapy in these baths is one of the most effective and plays an important role in the life of the residents and visitors of Caiaphas, who come from all over the world to enjoy moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.  The warm waters of the baths stem from the cave of the nymphs Anigridon, where according to mythology, Dardanus was born, ancestor of the Trojans. The waters were known for their therapeutic properties, from ancient times. The thermal capacity the ancients gave to the nymphs who inhabited the forests of the region, for this and had to decorate temples and sacred monuments to their value.

Kaiafa Lake besides the thermal baths, the visitor can deal with marine sports and waterskiing. Here there are plants for the practicing of the Hellenic water ski team. The beauty of the landscape in this corner of the Elis could not fail to be gorgeous and dreamy, worthy of legends and the myth that surrounds it. The ydrotherapeytiko Center of Caiaphas is particularly popular with visitors of all ages from around the world. Here the visitor can combine "business after pleasure," and allowed on medicinal properties not only of baths and peaceful landscape, which calms and delights the soul and the body.

It is true that Caiaphas, guests will visit and the thermal baths at some time during the holidays and their stay here. There are many who once tasted the loytrotherapeies, coming back again and again and advertise the positive effects of the thermal waters. It is our pleasure to offer transportation to our hotel guests, who do not have their own means of transport, in order to ensure the visits to the spas of spas of kaiafa.

Curable for: Chronic rheumatism, skin disorders, asthma, gallstone, informal gynecological inflammations, neuralgia, hepatic diseases, eczema, stomach, bowel disorders, gallbladder etc expedites the Quick cure to injuries and sprains.


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