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Lantzoi - Pyrgos
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Welcome to Brintziki Winery, a boutique winery with autonomous energy and modern equipment for the production of wine of the highest quality. The stainless steel tanks with automatic temperature control and a year-around data recording system, the modern pneumatic batch pressers, the French oak wood barrels and the utilization of gravity for the transfer of wine and mash respect and emphasize the characteristics of the autochthonous grape varieties grown in our region since the dawn of time.

The utilization of geothermic energy for the heating and cooling of the tanks and the winery's premises is also of great importance. The photovoltaic unit on the winery's roof provides the necessary power supply and guarantees the winery's ecological and environmental friendly function. Grapes have been grown for centuries on the land of western Peloponnese, with the incomparable site of Ancient Olympia as its epicenter. It is a blessed wine region of clay and loam soil, which combined with river moistures results in an excellent microclimate.

The autochthonous varieties are Roditis, Tinaktorogos, Malagouzia, Fileri, Asyrtiko (white varieties) as well as Avgoustiatis and Agiorgitiko. (Red varieties). Furthermore, cosmopolitan varieties such as Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet are being grown here, resulting in wines with intense terroir characteristics. Greek autochthonous varieties are being grown on the winery's own vineyards, on a surface of 120.000 m2 , with fervor and strict adherence to the principles of organic farming. The winery purchases exquisite grapes from other renowned wine farmers of the region as well.

Avgoustiatis belongs to a small batch of rare Greek varieties, grown on a small scale and from a handful of winemakers, which nonetheless result in exquisite wines. It is a red variety that gives dry, red wines, taking the exploration of wine tastes to a whole new level.Avgoustiatis gives wines of deep, lively, dark red color and intense aromas of ripe red fruit and Mediterranean herbs. These wines usually ripen in the barrel and have a round mouthfeel, medium body, fine grained tannins and medium to high alcohol percentage. Avgoustiatis is a variety which is grown only in specific areas, mainly on the western Peloponnese whereas in the latter years an increase of the vineyards containing this variety has been noted. However, there are certain treasured old vineyards of this variety in the region. Given that the variety is rare, varietal vinifications are hard to come by and some wine makers mix Avgoustiatis with other autochthonous or international varieties such as Mavrodafni.

A bottle of Avgoustiatis is the choice of a true, international wine connoisseur, who nonetheless has the desire to experience new, surprising tastes. Avgoustiatis is especially recommended to wine aficionados who appreciate soft, mature but not heavy red wines. Wines of this variety can be ideally paired with grilled meat and yellow cheese. Due to their silky texture, they can be enjoyed either directly or after an aging period of four to six years, a point at which they acquire an unparalleled complexity.



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